–––something such as a structure or experience that, when considered as a whole, has qualities that are more than the total of all its parts.

Montblanc Serpent
Braun x Dustin Hanke
Givenchy Lipstick
Omega Seamaster
Lixil Global Design
Braun x Juan Geck
Bmw x Montblanc 100 Years
Givenchy Prisme Libre


Gestalt-Studio was founded in 2021 by independent visual artists in Hamburg. 
The team had collaborated for many years on various projects before deciding to form an collective.
While each member continues to work independently, Gestalt-Studio serves as the creative hub and production house for projects that encompass multiple tasks. These tasks include the production and execution of video or still shoots, look development, CGI animation, post-production, and the utilization of AI for image generation. Our aim is to provide our clients with comprehensive services under one roof, leveraging the advantages of an all-freelance team.


Since 2021, we at Gestalt Studio have delved deeply into the realm of "AI-Generated Content," with a particular focus on creating cosmetics, textures, liquids, and flowers. Seamlessly integrating photorealistic A.I. imagery into our workflow, we leverage this technology to enhance our clients' creative freedom while streamlining a more efficient workflow. This opens up a new world of possibilities for visual storytelling.